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Resources for Our Customers

Our office is located at 80 Maple Avenue, Suite 1, Great Barrington, MA 01230.

You can visit us Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. or call at 413.528.1780. Our emergency contact number is 413.446.1801.

Volumetric Charges

The following rate shall apply to all water use in excess of the Monthly Allowance set forth above by meter size.

  • Per 100 gallons per month, or any part thereof…$1.057

Fixture Rates

The following charges shall apply to all non-metered customers.

Monthly Fixture Rate

  • First faucet installation in sink, washbowl, or other faucet installation…$17.75
  • Each additional faucet installation…$6.10
  • Bathtubs (one bathtub installation)…$8.51
  • Each additional bathtub installation…$6.10
  • Toilet (one toilet installation)…$8.51
  • Each additional toilet installation…$6.10
  • Use of hose (first outlet) per season…$9.93

Schedule of Water Rates


  • A faucet installation consists of an outlet of either cold or hot water, or both, in any one receptacle.
  • A bathtub installation consists of an outlet consisting of faucets or a shower of either hot or cold water, or both, in any one bathtub or like receptacle.
  • An automatic dishwasher is treated as an additional faucet installation.
  • An automatic laundry machine is treated as an additional faucet installation.
  • A toilet installation consists of a cold water outlet controlled by a self-closing floating valve with appropriate receptacle.
  • All such installations shall be deemed to be installed and subject to charge at the foregoing applicable rates unless both the water outlets and the receptacle drain of such installation are disconnected and plugged in a manner acceptable to the Company.

Fire Protection


Public hydrants now and hereafter installed or located by the Housatonic Water Works Company in the public streets and ways in the towns of Great Barrington, West Stockbridge and Stockbridge.

Monthly Charge

  • Public hydrants, producing a flow of 250 gallons or more per minute…$62.50
  • Public hydrants, producing a flow of 150 gallons and less than 250 gallons or more per minute…$50.28
  • Private hydrants installed at owner’s expense will be charged $57.25 per month. Charges for sprinkler connections will be established by written contract between the Company and the private fire service customer.


Payment for unmetered service is to be made in advance for the month on the 1st. Metered service will be billed monthly in arrears.

Rules and Regulations

Service Lines

It can be tricky to determine who is responsible for what when it comes to water service lines. HWWC is committed to serving you and wants you to know exactly what we can do for you.

We are responsible for providing water to our customers and maintaining the water mains required to deliver water to homes and businesses. We also own the water meter used to measure how much water a customer uses.

You, the property owner, are responsible for the connection (tap) to the water main and the piping (service line) that carries the water from the water main to the water meter. You, as a customer, are also responsible to protect and provide access to the water meter.

When a problem occurs, HWWC will assist in determining the cause of the problem and the appropriate course of action. Contact us at 413-528-1780 if you need assistance.